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Victoria Park Playground Road Trip (Truro)

Victoria Park Playground Road Trip (Truro)

Victoria Park in Truro is a massive (ONE THOUSAND ACRES) park with a fantastic playground, trails everywhere, picnic tables, charming brooks winding through the woods, and a stunning waterfall. In short, it's the perfect destination for a fall road trip.

Sackville Kinsman Playground, Splash Pad, and Beach

The Sackville Kinsman Playground on First Lake Drive has long been a popular spot with our family. We've been going to it since Mr. M was a newborn and Miss M was just 2 years old. Both kids LOVE that there are four bridges that connect into one big square and spend lots of time just running around and around it. We like to play the Billy Goats Gruff game where an adult is a troll under the bridge - much squealing and giggling ensue.

It's been fun watching Miss M tackle a new piece of equipment each time we visit and - like this time - conquer it. 


It also has three different slides - one big one and two smaller ones - so there's never a line-up for the slide; and a set of swings with two "baby" ones and two "big kid" ones you can see in the background here. The surface is pea gravel and includes one of those little play areas for selling...rocks? 


It's right beside a little supervised beach and walking/cycling trails so we often try to fit in a walk or bike ride while we're visiting the playground. I do know the beach is sometimes closed for bacteria so check before you plan to head in. 

And, the most exciting part of all, is the new Splash Pad. It's been about a decade in the making - and they broke ground on it over a year ago. Last summer we enjoyed watching the construction vehicles. This summer we've been watching people working on it and Miss M has been yelling at Mr M to stay back from the caution tape. :-)

The good news is that today it finally opened! We can't wait to make a trip down there the next sunny day we get. It has three different stations depending on the level of water you want so there is something for everyone. 


This playground/splash pad can be found at 71 First Lake Drive in Lower Sackville, right across from the Sobey's.


They now also offer a great little snack shack with food like hot dogs and chips, and, of course, cold treats like ice cream and popsicles, at very reasonable prices. The perfect addition to a summer fun day!