Riverbreeze Corn Maze (without the maze)

Riverbreeze Corn Maze (without the maze)

Corn mazes are the stuff of nightmares for me. Put one directionally-challenged person in a place that is DESIGNED to get you lost and, well, let's just say it's likely I'd never been seen or heard from again. Luckily the Riverbreeze Corn Maze in Truro has lots of other activities for people who are too scared to try a corn maze...

Say Pumpkin Spice! I really do. I even tried to convince my husband to name our daughter Autumn at one point and, if my work schedule at the time didn't prohibit it, I wanted to get married in the fall. And, if there's one thing that goes with fall like boots go with skinny jeans, that's fall family photos.

This month in Family Matters I'm talking about how to get the best shot - even with tots who aren't prone to cooperate - with the help of a local photographer who kindly shared her tips.

Last fall we gathered up my extended family (seven adults and three children) for a portrait. Due to conflicting nap and meal schedules we had two cranky toddlers almost right away; and then the preschooler decided she’d rather pick her nose than smile. Thanks to a talented photographer we ended up with a good photo, but we had a few family members swearing never again (along with a few other choice words).

Halifax’s fall colours really come to life in late September and early October and, not coincidentally, that is also prime family portrait time. There’s something about those gorgeous leaves that makes us want to throw on our knits and cuddle up with our family in front of a camera.

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