Dartmouth North Library Playground

Dartmouth North Playground

First things first, the majority of this playground is geared towards elementary-school aged kids - or extremely gifted little climbers. There are some elements any age can do, but most of it is climbing related and very tall (which would be a big fall for a small child).

Now that that’s out of the way, my kids LOVED this spot. My almost eight year old was zipping all over it with no issues. My almost six year old struggled in a few spots but with some guidance he made it over the tricky spots.


This playground has one main structure that’s covered in rope climbers.

Dartmouth North Playground

One side even has a rock climbing section!

Dartmouth North Playground

This high wire part is fun for thrill seeking kids!

Dartmouth North Playground

It also has some natural elements such as this log balance beam which bounces and wiggles as kids walk across it.

Dartmouth North Playground

A teeter totter made of a log.

Dartmouth North Playground

And a slide built into the side of a hill.

Dartmouth North Playground

This wooden mini tunnel was fun to climb through (and pose for cute pictures in).

Dartmouth North Playground

The climber has all sorts of bonus elements to it such as these vertical climbers that wobble a bit (think the “rope” in gym class but with a bit of extra support).

Dartmouth North Playground

This slide part was a real hit as well - kids can run up and then slide back down.

Dartmouth North Playground

There’s also a rope hammock but, gotta be honest, it wasn’t the most comfortable. Maybe next time we’ll bring a blanket to lay on it?


But my favourite things about this, as a parent, is the shaded outdoor patio right beside it. It has plenty of tables and chairs, charging stations for your phone and laptop, and opens right into the local library!


The Dartmouth North Playground is located at 105 Highfield Park Drive in Dartmouth, on the same property as the library and community centre. There is a small parking lot right beside the playground and free parking on the side streets surrounding the playground.

Because of the wood chip surface it is not easily accessible for people with mobility challenges, however the patio and library are accessible.


  • One main play structures

  • No traditional swings

  • Three vertical rope climbers that wobble around a bit and one rope hammock.

  • One traditional slide, one huge made of some type of rubber or recycled tires.

  • Countless climbing options - most involved rope but there’s also a rock climbing section.

  • One teeter-totter.

  • Wobbly balance beam

  • No fence between playground and the road, but there’s a small parking lot between the playground and the road on one side, the library on another, a field on a third, and a street on the fourth. Keep an eye on kids though as it is on quite a busy street, including a bus stop right beside the park.

  • Closest public bathrooms are in the library or community centre during open hours.

  • Benches in the open patio.

  • Garbage cans.

  • Zero shade on the actual playground but the patio beside it has lots of shady options for a break.

  • Ground surface is wood chips.

  • Adjacent to the Dartmouth North Library and Community Centre; across the street from a Needs convenience store.

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