Fall River Fire Truck Playground

Fall River Fire Truck Themed Playground (right next to a REAL fire station!!)

If you have a child who loves fire trucks, be sure to take them to the Fire Truck playground at the Gordon R Snow Community Centre in Fall River - it's literally right beside a fire station and it's not uncommon to get a glimpse of the fire trucks heading to a call, or just out for a wash.


This friendly community playground typically has a few other kids playing on it as it's also attached to the recreation centre and kids love stopping in on their way to and from programs, but it's rarely too busy for kids to enjoy the space.


It has one main structure - the fire truck themed play structure.


This space has a fire truck design complete with dashboard, steering wheel, and tires to climb through.


It also has a "ladder" aka monkey bars connecting the front to the back that kids love swinging across.


The back end of the truck has a double set of slides and two main ways to access the slides, unfortunately none of the ways are very easy for small kids and they'll need assistance getting to the top. There is the open rung ladder shown above...


...and these steps (above) that are quite far apart for little legs. The official ages it says for this playground is 2-12 (with 5-12 for the climbing wall) however I know I had to help my kids until they were at least three.

IMG_1924 (1).JPG

The climbing wall often doubles as a great hide and seek space and kids love running laps around the playground.


It is completely fenced in with a latched gate which is a nice bonus for little ones, especially as it's beside a fairly busy parking lot. Bathrooms and water fountains are available inside the recreation centre during open hours.


There is also a bike/skate park on the other side of the recreation centre; as well as a walking trail through the woods at the other end of the parking lot. The trail leads to a new sandy beach area to play on with a dock to go swimming or canoeing from, and a very small area to wade in the water (though it's rocky so bring water shoes). There are no lifeguards at this beach.

This isn't a large playground but the imagination level is high and children here seem to find plenty to keep them busy. Having the trails, bike/skate park, and beach nearby make this a great option for a visit with multiple types of play.


The Fire Truck Playground is located in Fall River at 1359 Fall River Road next to the main building.


  • One main playground structure designed like a fire truck

  • One double slide

  • Many climbing options including a faux rock wall, the fire truck itself, and monkey bars

  • For little ones the easiest way to get on the main structure is either the short ladder however the spaces between rungs are wide and they will likely need some help with the gaps

  • Microphone speakers for kids to talk to each other across the playground or from the top to bottom of the structure

  • One bench for parents

  • Garbage cans by centre doors

  • Bathrooms and water fountains in recreation centre

  • In a busy parking lot but there is a latched gate all around the playground so no little ones can get out without an adult opening it for them

  • No shaded areas surrounding the playground

  • Ground surface is a blue rubber spongey base

  • Free parking lot around the playground

  • Wooded trails, beach, skate/bike park adjacent to playground