Dartmouth Crossing's Go Wild Playground

Dartmouth Crossing's Go Wild Playground

The Dartmouth Crossing playground is such a clever idea. It can either be a motivator for kids to be patient during the shopping so they can play here after, or a spot for one parent to take the kids while the other parent does the shopping (I see a LOT of dads and kids here hmmmm).

The playground information says it's aimed at ages three and up however I'd say five and up would be more suited. My four and half year old is just finally able to do most of it on his own (granted, he is small for his age) but there are quite a few challenging parts any small kids and they will need a fair bit of parental help.


The theme of the playground is "Go Wild" and it's designed like it's in the wild with a climbing tree and boat styled swing and photo props. My kids love climbing this tree. It took a bit of time for the youngest to master but he's got it now and loves scurrying up to the top.


There are three slides - one double and one twisty one.


These twisted walkways (on the right of the photo above) I'm seeing at more spots and, while they can be hard the first time a child tries it, I like them as they're a great opportunity for kids to keep working on something until they can get it. It requires them to slow down and pay attention for a moment.


The wobbly bridge is always popular and provides a great pathway that kids of all ages can use to get to the slides.


This teeter totter type of toy is more bouncy than a traditional teeter totter. My kids are each about forty pounds and they need a grown-up to help them push it to make it move. I think when they're heavier they'll perhaps be able to enjoy it more themselves.


This musical station is fun for kids to play on. It doesn't make a lot of sound but, as we know, kids like to bang on stuff so this is perfect for that outlet.


For the climbers the rock wall and these curved monkey bars are fun challenges to scramble over.


We always love a bouncy critter and this bee fits the bill and the fact that it's a two seater it great as even smaller kids can double up to get enough momentum to get it rocking.


This adventure raft platform swing can fit two to four kids (depending on how big they are) and there's always a line-up for it.


And of course the fun photo props with different adventure activities for kids to poke their head through!

We combined our trip here with a trip to Shubie Park. We parked near the campground and walked/biked through the park.


It's about a kilometre in distance and an easy, mostly flat, trail with lots of squirrels to chatter to. It was fun to first go over the park bridge where we watched kayaks glide under us . . .


 . . . and then across two highway bridges where we watched cars zoom under us. 


The Go Wild Playground is is located in Dartmouth Crossing at 185 Hector Gate. It's in the section tucked between the Hampton Inn and the movie theatre.


  • One main playground structure with multiple entry points aimed at ages three and up; it has slides, a bouncy bridge and more.

  • One platform swing

  • One double slide and one twisty slide

  • Many climbing options including a faux rock wall, a tree ladder, swinging ladder

  • For little ones the easiest way to get on the main structure either the short ladder, although then they need to go through a challenging section to get to the slides; or the tree stump steps next to the bridge

  • One standalone tall, curved jungle gym for climbing

  • One "music" station

  • One bouncy bee that two kids can use at a time

  • One teeter totter

  • Two photo boards that kids can put their heads in the cut-outs (different images on each side)

  • In a busy parking lot but there is a latched gate all around the playground so no little ones can get out without an adult opening it for them

  • Public bathrooms/change rooms available across the bridge in the next section - so a short drive or a long walk with a potty training toddler :)

  • Benches

  • Garbage cans

  • No shaded areas surrounding the playground but the main structure has "tree covers" over a lot of it for the kids

  • Ground surface is wood chips

  • Free parking lot around the playground