Lower Base Shearwater Playground

The Lower Base Shearwater Playground is chockful of super fun structures..png

Alright, I've found my new favourite playground. Er, I mean the kids have found their new favourite playground. A friend told me about this last spring and I've had it on my list to get to since then and now I'm wondering why I waited so long!


This playground is CHOCKFUL of super duper fun stuff and I guarantee your kids will run wildly onto it and do about three laps before they can even figure out where to start. It's not super huge in actual space but the designers were so smart with the pieces and layout that you can get a lot of kids and a lot of fun in this space.


Lots of slide options for bigs and littles with varying degrees of challenge levels to get to certain ones. This blue one, for example, is not something most toddlers will be able to get up to (though I did witness a very intrepid toddler girl confidently and independently making her way up to the top).


It has a platform swing that will hold two little boys comfortably (that was the only testing I performed lol).


There are also two belt swings, one baby swing, and an accessible swing.


This fun climber/hide-out was a hit with the kids as one would climb up and the other would poke a hand through a random hole causing much giggles and squealing. There's also a spinner that multiple kids can sit in.


Climbers, bridges, stepping stools, stairs...and this blue thing attached to strings that I really wasn't sure what it was. Anyone else know?


This track was a fun and unique element. The kid there all started racing each other on foot, but I could also see on a quiet evening that it would be a great spot to bring some toy cars or bikes and ride it.


This bridge is such a fun element and accessible to kids of all sizes to climb and run over!


More climbers and this panel which has steering wheels on the other side.


The four seater teeter totter was ah-mazing. Big, comfy seats and the kids could make it move themselves by leaning back and forth.

A really fantastic playground overall, and a couple bonuses were that it's close to the water so you always get a nice breeze from the harbour AND, if you're timing is right, a steady stream of transport trucks to watch on the main road that are hauling cars off container ships (a highlight for my car-loving kid).


The Lower Base Shearwater Playground is located at 2 Harvard Drive in Shearwater. Head down Main Road and turn onto Avenger Place and then your first right onto Harvard Drive. You'll be able to see it from Main Road. This is right by the Shearwater Aviation Museum, one of our Eastern Passage picks for a great day-trip for kids, so it makes a fun add-on to that day trip. Plus there are lots of restaurants and at least one ice cream shop just down the road in Fisherman's Cove!


  • Several play structures; "officially" geared towards the elementary school age group more than the toddler age but there are loads of things the little ones can do here

  • One platform swing, two belt swings, one baby swing

  • One sit-down spinner

  • Slides: two sets of double, tall, straight ones and a shorter one

  • Many climbing options including monkey bars, dome, nets, bridge

  • Four seater teeter totter

  • Printed road tracks perfect for foot races or trikes (if it's not too busy)

  • No fence between playground and the road, but it's on a very quiet street and quite a distance from Main Road

  • No public bathrooms available

  • Benches

  • Picnic Tables

  • Garbage cans

  • No shaded areas on the playground

  • Ground surface is spongy and rubberized so great for strollers, wheelchairs, unsteady toddlers

  • Free street parking lot at the playground

  • Dogs are allowed on leash near the playground but not on the playground surface