Bunchberry Lane Park: Playground Review

Bunchberry Lane Park in Waverley, NS Playground Review

We ended up at the Bunchberry Lane Park playground (in the Spider Lake subdivision in Waverley) when we visited a friend who lived in the neighbourhood. It was installed almost two years ago thanks to the community rallying together and lobbying for a safe, fun outdoor place for kids to play. I love these stories and I was eager to check out what the result was.

2017-05-31 09.36.40.jpg

One of the fun things about this structure is that there are so many ways to climb on from basic ladders to more difficult climbing walls and twisty ladders so kids keep challenging themselves as they get bigger and more capable.

2017-05-31 09.49.59.jpg

It has two slides; a twisty one and a double straight one. It also has a tube to climb up to the top in.

2017-05-31 09.37.02.jpg

These bouncy bugs are always a hit with kids. This playground has two - a bumblebee and a grasshopper and each one can seat two kids each. 

2017-05-31 09.41.15.jpg

I love these swivel seats! There are three of them at this playground. There are also two monkey bars on the main structure.

2017-05-31 09.37.21.jpg

There are no traditional swing sets (which seems to be a trend with newer playgrounds) but it does have a big platform swing that a few kids can fit on together. I do miss the old school swings but younger kids really seem to like the platform swing as they can manage it themselves and ride with a friend.

This is a nice neighbourhood playground in a quiet, safe area. I'd say the structure is geared at elementary age kids (5+) with the level of difficulty. If you have younger ones there are still parts they can play on independently however you may wish to bring along some balls, a bike/ride-on, some trucks, shovels, and pails and they can also have fun digging in the gravel and riding around the walking path.

I could see this playground being a great companion with a visit to Shubie Park which is about ten minutes down the road and/or McDonald Sports Park, fifteen minutes the other way.


The Bunchberry Lane Park playground is located at 42 Bunchberry Lane in Waverley. Head onto Spider Lake Drive off Waverley Road, turn right on Willow Hill Ridge, and another right on Bunchberry Lane and drive right to the end.


  • One main play structure geared towards the elementary school age group more than the toddler age

  • One platform swing

  • Multiple ways onto the structures such as a wall, tunnel, steps, etc.

  • Three swivel seats

  • Two rocking bugs that two kids can fit on each

  • No fence between playground and the road, but it's at the end of a very quiet street

  • No public bathrooms available

  • Benches

  • Garbage can

  • No shaded areas on the playground

  • Ground surface is pea gravel

  • Small free parking lot at the playground, as well as free street parking

  • Walking path around a field next to the playground great for parent walking or kids riding a bike or scooter

  • Fenced in, paved sports pad

  • Dogs are allowed on leash