All About My Grandmother Project: Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club


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Ask anyone about their grandparents and you can almost bet that there will be stories to be told - maybe how they make the best cookies, or their love of singing, perhaps even their goofy (grand) dad jokes - and you can also be sure that no two grandparents will be exactly alike. In fact, most people will tell you one grandparent is often very different from another.

The book My Two Grandmothers was co-published by Nimbus Publishing and Bouton d’or Acadie. It is written by Diane Carmel Leger and illustrated by Jean-Luc Trudel and is available in both French and English.

The book tells the tale of two grandmas who are unique from each other in almost every way. One grandmother is Acadian, the other is Scottish; their traditions are different, their grandparenting style is different, even the words they use to describe things are different. One thing about them is exactly the same, however, and that is the love for their grandchildren.

Reading this book will naturally lead to conversations about your child's grandmother - noticing similarities with one of the grandmothers in the book, or noticing a big difference between them. Use these discussions to set up the book extension activity below that we've created for My Two Grandmothers.

We've teamed up with Nimbus Publishing to give away a copy of this book as well. Keep reading for your chance to win!



Whether grandparents live near or far, if they are living or passed, they play a vital role in the family tapestry.

We have created a free template for you to download for your children by clicking here.

Start by having them colour in the letters and decorate it as they'd like. Tip: For younger children, have them use crayons or coloured pencils so you can write in marker on top of their art work and still be able to see the words.

If they're old enough to write, allow them to fill it in on their own to practice their writing; if they're younger, have them dictate to you what they'd like to say and fill it in for them.

Discuss with your child each question as you work on it together. Why do they call their grandmother what they do? Is it something the grandparent decided? The child? Is it culturally based or from a home language? In the book it lists the traditional names of grandparents from many different languages. Take a look through those and talk about the different ways the names grandmother and grandfather are said around the world. Grab a globe or map and use this time to point out the different countries.


Discuss what makes their grandmother special to your child and to others. What does she do with them that they especially love, what is a special tradition they have together, a skill they share, or a way they spend their time together that your child loves? You may find that you open the floodgates of stories about Grandma so keep a notebook or phone nearby to record these memories. If you get a lot of fun stories, you might want to turn the project into a whole book!

When you complete the poster on one grandmother, print off a second one and talk about another grandmother in the family. How do they differ, and how are they the same?

The finished product can be framed and given to Grandma as a gift!

Download the free design by clicking here.

Bonus Activities

A few other reading extension activities to go with this book include creating a family tree, interviewing grandmothers about their life, or to print out a world map and plot out where family members originally came from, and where they live today!


Create a special gift for grandmother with this All About My Grandmother poster.png


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