Pinehill and George Street Playground in Lower Sackville

Recently my kids and I found ourselves with an hour to kill on a mild fall day in Lower Sackville. We headed for the Kinsman playground on First Lake Drive by the splash pad and were shocked to discover it was nothing but a pile of dirt as it turns out they’re building a new one (I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s done!).

Instead I hit up the Playground Buddy app (if you haven’t downloaded this free app, I highly recommend it!) and started following the dots to the next closest playground, which is how we ended up at the “new-to-us” playground on George Street (just off Pinehill Drive) in Lower Sackville.


This was a fun little surprise adventure for us and this playground, while having stood the test of time and clearly well-loved, was still in great shape with lots of fun elements for the kids to enjoy.


There are all sorts of climbing opportunities on this structure - everything from the wooden steps/ladder thing above to traditional steps, gymnastic style bars to swing and flip around on, monkey bars, of course, and other various styles of ladders.


Three different slides are on this playground, two straight ones and one twisty one. None are really toddler size for the smallest kids, but none of them are super steep or fast either so most kids could manage them all.


A couple stationary play stations are here as well; one abacus/counting station and I think the far one in the photo is a tic tac toe game but most of the images are worn off.


My children always love a good bridge and this one has this curved one (above), as well as one on the ground level, to run across and chase each other around on.

As mentioned, this playground has definitely been around for awhile, but it’s still in great shape and we passed the hour happily playing there. While we all wait to see what happens on First Lake, this is a great option to use in the meantime.


The Pinehill and George Street playground is located by 6 George Street in the Lower Sackville area - turn onto Pinehill Drive off of Sackville Drive or Glendale Avenue and George Street is about halfway between them at the end of a dead end street. Google maps shows that there was a building (maybe a school or former school?) there but when we visited it was just an empty, fenced in lot. Limited parking is available on George Street.


  • One large play structure

  • One climbing/play car structure

  • No swings

  • Three slides: two straight ones, one twisty one

  • Many climbing options including stairs, wooden, monkey bars, ladders, wooden climbing ladder with metal chain

  • Firefighter pole

  • Two ground-level play stations (abacus, tic tac toe)

  • Currently there is a fence around some of the playground and trees on the other side; playground is at the end of a quiet dead end street though so quite safe for little runners

  • No public bathrooms available

  • One bench

  • Garbage can

  • No shaded areas on the playground

  • Ground surface is pea gravel; playground is surrounded by grass

  • Green area behind playground (former baseball/soccer field I’d guess)

  • Free street parking lot on side streets near the playground

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