Glenbourne Park Playground in Clayton Park West

This fall has seen several new playgrounds popping up around the city. I swung by one that recently opened in Clayton Park West last month.

This playground is on a pretty small footprint but they manage to pack quite a few elements into this space, in particular a lot of climbing options.


There are two styles of rock walls, some circular style ladders, monkey bars, sideways ladders and - YES! - they remembered to include traditional stairs to the slides which I know the littlest climbers (and their parents) really appreciate!


I’m guessing the “theme” of this playground is UFO? Aliens? Space? Only because of the piece above lol We couldn’t really see any other indication of the theme though other than maybe the colours and a sorta, maybe rocket-ish shape (yes, I’m reaching here).


There are also two slides, one a little higher than the other, and both twisty ones. I liked that they included a mat at the bottom to make the landing a little more stable. Those wood chips can get slippery.


It’s also located right off the main walking trail that stretches from Fairview through to Kearney Lake so it’s a great “end goal” for a walk or bike ride with the kids.


The Glenbourne Park Playground is located in Clayton Park West at 655 Parkland Drive. You can also access it from the walking trail that goes from Fairview through Kearney Lake by foot or bike. Parking is available in a lot beside the playground or on Parkland Drive.


  • One play structures; all ages.

  • No swings

  • Slides: two twisty ones.

  • Many climbing options including two styles of rock walls, some circular style ladders, monkey bars, sideways ladders, etc.

  • No fence between playground and the road, but it's set back a good distance from the road

  • No public bathrooms available

  • Two benches

  • Garbage can

  • No shaded areas on the playground but surrounded by mature trees for breaks

  • Ground surface is mostly wood chips

  • Basketball courts beside the playground

  • Walking/Cylcing trail parallel to the playground

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