Valentines for Veterans


Valentines for Veterans is a special way to help your children show their appreciation for some important members of our community. 

The purpose of the program is to have community members send a Valentine to a Veteran to show our appreciation and thanks for their sacrifices, but it's also a great opportunity to take those conversations we had on Remembrance Day and put them into something more concrete and give some love to others in our community.

This program is run by Veterans Affairs and it couldn't be easier to participate in - as long as you remember to do it before the deadline of February 1!

Start by talking to your children about what a veteran is. They are living men and woman who have served in the military. They may have served long ago, they may have served last year. All of them have given up important things in their own lives to keep our country safe and to keep people in other countries safe so it is important to thank them and show them our love - and a Valentine is the perfect way to do so.


My mother-in-law gave us some vintage valentines a couple years ago (with the CORNIEST puns on them so I love them lol). I've been holding on to them until I came up with the perfect craft to use them for and this seemed like a great fit!

Interestingly, I saw "vintage" Valentines for sale on Amazon last week (see affilitate image in the link) so you can get your own for this too (and they won't have to sit in storage for forty years first lol). You can also just cut out hearts if you want!

We kept it simple so we could make several of them. You can send as many as you want!

Take some paper and fold it in half to make it traditional card size - colourful construction paper is a good choice for this. Making them the standard card size is important so they're easy for Veterans Affairs to mail them individually.

Have the children glue on a valentine. Allow them to decorate it even more with stickers or drawings if they're so inspired. Please don't use glitter (we want the veterans to be happy, NOT sparkly) or anything else that might make a mess, be bumpy in the envelope, or fall out of the card.

For an inside message you could print out a Valentine poem or message and have the children glue it in. They could also write their own words of thanks. If they can sign their name, they should. There's nothing more endearing and sincere than a hand-signed card by a child.

Once they're done, simply pack them all up into one envelope (don't use individual ones) and send them off to Veterans Affairs before February 1st and spread a little love to our Veterans.

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