F is for The Fox and the Fisherman: Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club


Thanks to Nimbus Publishing who sponsored this post so that we can bring local books to local kids. We only partner with businesses that we believe bring value and enjoyment to Halifax families. If you'd like to talk about working together, please contact us. As always, all opinions are our own. 

The Fox and the Fisherman is a tale of friendship and family, originally written in French . . . and if that level of alliteration doesn't inspire you to do a craft brought to you by the letter F based, well, I don't know what will!

This is the English translation and it tells us the story about a lonely fisherman who befriends a fox - or, perhaps, more accurately, is befriended by a fox. They bring joy and hope into each others' lives and then one day the fox disappears, saddening the old fisherman. I won't spoil the ending for you, but trust me when I say there will be plenty of awwwwws when you get there.

The Fox and The Fisherman is written and illustrated by Marianne Dumas and published by Halifax-based publisher Nimbus Publishing.

The Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club this month uses the book as a fun literacy introduction for children to learn how to identify and write the letter F, along with some words that start with the letter F.



After reading the story and emphasizing the letter and sound of F through the book, grab some pieces of coloured construction paper and fold them in half to make a book shape and staple it together. You can use as many pages as you want. Our book used three sheets, making it six pages long (using both sides) plus a front and back cover page.

Trace several upper case and lower case Fs onto a different colour of paper and cut them out. You could also work with the children to find the letters in a magazine and cut them out letters from there. Make sure they are a size that will fit on the page of the book with room for writing and a photo.

Have the children glue each letter you create onto a different page of the book.

Read through the book again and note all the words that start with F. Find photos to go along with each word you find (ex. fox, friend, family, fish, fisherman, etc.). You could either photocopy pictures from the book, draw images (either yourself or the children can draw them), or print off images to symbolize each word from the internet.


Have the children glue one of each item onto a page with the letter. Then, depending on their age and ability level, have them write the rest of the word next to the F to identify what is on that page. If they're too little, you should still write it for them so they can see what the word looks like and be able to associate it with the image.


On the last page of the book, draw some lines and a demonstration of an upper and lower case F and have the children practice making their own letter F either through tracing pre-written letters, or copying ones you've drawn as an example.



This is a variation on the What Time Is It Mr. Wolf adapted to fit the story in the book The Fox and the Fisherman.

With a group of three or more children (the more the better), have one stand at the front of the group and have the rest make a line on the other side of a room. Clear any potential tripping obstacles out of the way.

The group of children in the line are fish so they'll need to place their hands together and swish back and forth as they move so they look like fish.

The child at the front is Mr. (or Ms.) Fox. Mr. Fox turns so his back is to the children and the group of children call out, "What time is it Mr. Fox?"

Mrs. Fox says a number between 1-5 and the fish children swish towards the fox, with each swishy step counting aloud, while he keeps his back to the children so he doesn't know how close they are. When they reach the number Mr. Fox called, they stop moving. Then they ask again what time it is and get a new number and take those swishing fishy steps.

At any time Mr. Fox can answer, instead of a number, "LUNCHTIME!" When he does this he turns around and chases the fish. Whoever he tags becomes the new Mr or Ms Fox and the game starts over again.


Fox and the Fisherman Book Club Activities.png


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