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Thanks to Nimbus Publishing, who sponsored this post, so that we can help share local books with local kids.

Welcome to this month's virtual book club guide for the Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club. We've partnered with Nimbus Publishing to feature a great local children's book each month for you and the children in your life to enjoy together.

This month's pick is the latest picture book from Shauntay Grant, with illustrations by Erin Bennett Banks. It's a Halloween book, but not your typical spooky ghosts and goblins Halloween book. This one has a message about owning your choices and being proud of standing out from the crowd. It's sure to become a Halloween classic in our house.

Plus, the word bathroom is in it a lot which makes it a surefire giggle-fest for little kids.

Amayah is trying to find a unique costume for Halloween - she's tired of the same old ghosts, princesses and witches that everyone does. At the last minute she comes up with a one-of-a-kind idea and goes to school as The Walking Bathroom. Unfortunately the reaction from the other kids is not very kind and Amayah begins to doubt her choice. A thoughtful teacher helps her understand why it's a special trait to be brave enough to do something outside of the ordinary and buoys Amayah's confidence back up. 

The colourful, fun illustrations by Bennett Banks ties together this funny and touching story by Grant. We've created some book extension activities to go along with the story to reinforce the message in the book and helps kids apply the thinking to their own life.

Since there are so many Halloween parties this time of year, we thought it would be fun to plan a Halloween party around this book! All of the activities are extra fun done in a group, but can also be done independently.


Boo! Guess Who?

This activity and game is a fun way for kids to think of special things about themselves, and to proudly share those things with their peers. It also makes a cute display for a classroom or home.

For each child, fold a piece of white paper in half and draw a ghost shape on the front, with the head along the folded part. Cut along the lines, leaving the paper at the top of the head intact so it opens like a card.

Write BOO! Guess Who? on the front of the each ghost and draw identical ghost faces on each.


Inside write "Who Am I?" and then have the children secretly tell you (or write it themselves depending on their age) things about themselves that they are proud of, that are unique about them, or that they enjoy doing (I can do five cartwheels in a row, I like to climb trees, I am the tallest kid in my class...).

Write the child's name, or glue a picture of them, on the back of the ghost.

Have the children mix up the ghosts and then have each child pick out a ghost and help them read it to the others. Children need to guess who that person is - and maybe learn something new about their friends in the process!


In the book Amayah creates a costume out of items she found in her home. Most Halloween parties have children bring a costume, but for this one have children come in their regular clothes. Encourage them to go around their house before the party though and pick several random household items that could be worn or held to bring along with them.

Once at the party, have all the children place the items into a pile. Then start a timer and have the children create a costume out of the items. It can be completely silly, or clever and funny. Once everyone is ready, have the children announce what their costume is and then have a costume parade around the house, or a freeze dance game.

Award prizes for Most Original, Best Use of a Pillow, Most Blue, Best Colander Hat, etc. - get creative and come up with something special about every costume.



Give each child an empty toilet paper roll tube wrapped in construction paper and a selection of craft materials (pipe cleaner, googly eyes, feathers, etc.).

Encourage them to create a critter that they've never seen before and let them know they can get as silly as they want. It can be a scary critter or a funny or sweet one. Be inspired by how Amayah thought outside the box and let them get creative with extra eyes, or multiple tongues.


Come up with a name for their creation and display it with the rest of the Halloween decorations.


The Walking Bathroom Halloween book extension activities


Thanks for joining us!  You can buy the book directly from Nimbus, or from one of their many booksellers such as WoozlesBookmark, Chapters or Amazon (affiliate link).

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