Millwood Common Playground Review

Millwood Common Playground Review

This playground is tucked in Millwood subdivision in Middle Sackville at 155 Millwood Drive, almost next door to Millwood High, and just down the road from the Preschool Indoor Playground (and, hot I mean, cool tip, the Vineyard ice cream shop in the summer, yummmmm).

There is one main structure with lots of climbing options, including various ladders, a rock wall, and monkey bars to swing from.

Fun tunnel to hop from one section to the next

Fun tunnel to hop from one section to the next

It also has an awesome triple slide that can go super fast so be prepared to watch your kids launch off the bottom and/or catch them!

This wobbly bridge is so much fun for the kids to run across!

I loved this little musical feature with sheet music included!

It also has a swing set with two belt swings and two baby swings.


  • Swings: Yes, two belt swings, two baby swings

  • Shade: Very little except for under the surrounding mature trees

  • Benches: Yes

  • Washrooms: No

  • Other amenities: Basketball court, walking paths, garbage cans

  • Parking: Street beside the playground

  • Suggested age: Other than the baby swings, it's mostly geared towards 3+, smaller children will need an adult to help them get to the swings and bridges as there are no easy steps

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