4 Classic Ways To Celebrate Mother's Day in Halifax

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Mother's Day. Ahhh, a day to sit back and let your family do all the work and spoil you and plan out your dream day. No dirty diapers to change, no meals to make, no dishes to clean... *record screech* Right. Maybe in your world, but not so much in mine. 

My family has the best of intentions and I have high hopes for Miss M leading this charge when she's a bit older, but with the kids so little and having a busy husband who struggles with coming up with gift ideas and planning adventures, it usually ends up falling to me. For Mother's Day we usually have a nice family outing together and they give me a small gift (that I've *suggested* they buy complete with google links and store hours).

This year I decided to create an easy-go-to guide for my family and I'm sharing it with you. Kind of like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure for Moms!

Each of these classic Halifax family outings are sure to please any family and can be modified to your personal tastes. I've also included a list of supplies and details needed to make the day happen without a hitch AND a suggested little themed gift to go along with it.

Now all you need to do is forward this post to your day planner who can pick one, follow the directions and all you need to do is show up. 

Public Gardens (image courtesy of Pixabay)

Public Gardens (image courtesy of Pixabay)


Halifax is stuffed full of amazing parks and beaches. A few parks that make fantastic family picnic outings include The Dingle, McDonald Sports Park, Shubie Park, Point Pleasant Park, Public Gardens, York Redoubt, the Commons and DeWolf Park. Some of our favourite beaches not far from the city core include Crystal Crescent, Rainbow Haven, Cleveland Beach, and Lawrencetown. All of these spots have places to drop a picnic blanket along with some form of extra entertainment for the kids to keep them occupied (playgrounds, bike tracks, walking trails, sand and waves).

What you'll need to pull off this Mother's Day adventure:

  • Picnic blanket. I love the ones with waterproof backing and fleece fronts so that it doesn't get wet if the grass is damp.

  • Lunch (bonus points if you pack it in an adorable picnic basket that doubles as a gift for Mom). Make sandwiches ahead of time or swing by the grocery store or Subway (BEFORE the outing, don't go leaving Mom in the car with bored kids and texting her for advice while you're inside the store). Don't forget the cups, plates, utensils and napkins!

  • Drinks. If your picnic location is discreet enough that you won't get Mom arrested for drinking in a public place then bring a bottle of wine to your location. If not, well, a thermos is always great for transporting any type of drink *wink wink*

  • A few toys for the kids. Check out the park you're going to ahead of time and include outdoor toys the kids will be able to use there (bikes, hula hoops, balls, buckets and shovels). If you're going to the beach, or anywhere there may be mud, a change of clothes and towels will be your friend.

  • Something for Mom to relax with on the picnic blanket while the other parent in charge keeps the kids busy; maybe the book she's reading or headphones for listening to music or podcast).

Accompanying gift? Picnic basket or waterproof picnic blanket. (affiliate link)

Citadel Hill (image courtesy of Pixabay)

Citadel Hill (image courtesy of Pixabay)


Living in a place can often mean you forget what it has to offer visitors. Pick a classic tourist location such as the Citadel, Peggy's Cove, Halifax or Dartmouth Waterfront - or visit a new one, or a new one to you, such as the Africville Museum or Pier 21.

What you'll need to pull off this Mother's Day Adventure:

  • Check the open hours and admission fees in advance so you don't show up to locked doors. Most tourist spots open in early to mid-May, but it's worth double checking.

  • Hype the kids up ahead of time, away from Mom's earshot. Kids can be fussy about historical visits or anything that doesn't have the word "playground" in it. Tell them about the fun stuff they can do while there (see across the whole city, touch a real cannon, climb boulders by the sea). If you want to get fancy, create a little scavenger hunt to keep the kids busy and happy. Also, feel free to throw in a warning about behaving and listening to the rules (you know, don't walk on the black rocks).

  • Pack up everything you'll need (especially if there's a little bit of a drive to the spot). It's good to have some band-aids or a little first aid kit, snacks and water bottles for everyone, and some toys to distract the kids if there's a line or drive. Here's our adventure kit that we keep in the car for some more ideas.

Accompanying gift? A selection of books about Halifax's history from local authors

Tall Ship Silva (image courtesy of Pixabay)

Tall Ship Silva (image courtesy of Pixabay)


Is there anything more Haligonian than our beautiful harbour? Take the Mom in your life out for a boat ride on the Halifax harbour. Unfortunately most of the harbour vessels like the Tall Ship Silva or Harbour Queen don't sail until June or July but you can always count on the ferry. Another option is the Harbour Hopper, a trip to McNab's Island (there are several local companies for hire that will take you there), bribe a friend with a boat to play captain for the day, or, for the more adventurous mom and older kids, a kayak rental. 

What you'll need to pull off this Mother's Day Adventure:

  • Check the schedules and buy tickets or arrange with a friend in advance if needed.

  • Coordinate food for the trip - either stopping at a restaurant before or after or packing a picnic - as well as, of course, packing snacks and water.

  • Life jackets (affiliate link) if the boat doesn't supply them (private boats may not have sizes on board for your small children).

  • Prep the kids in advance for this, especially if they've not been on a boat before. Talk about what they can expect to see and things to watch for. Read a couple Theodore Tugboat books ahead of time to familiarize them with the harbour happenings.

  • Seasickness meds (you know, juuuust in case it's a bit of a rough waters kind of day).

Accompanying gift? A coupon for the next dinner cruise on the Harbour Queen or lessons to learn to kayak or paddle from a local business.

Grand Pre (image courtesy of Pixabay)

Grand Pre (image courtesy of Pixabay)


One of the best things about living in Halifax is that we are surrounded by amazing day trips less than an hour away which is perfect for families with young children. Pick up my (shameless plug) brother's fantastic book about Day Trips From Halifax (affiliate link) and then read through and choose a spot or flip the pages and jab your finger at the book and go wherever it randomly lands! We love quick trips to Wolfville, Mahone Bay and Truro - all beautiful towns full of great restaurants, shops and scenery.

What you'll need to pull off this Mother's Day Adventure:

  • Choose the spot a couple days in advance so you can be sure it's open for the season (unless, of course, you're way more spontaneous than I in which case choose the destination once everyone's buckled in the car, you crazy kids!).

  • Pack your adventure kit for a drive and get the kids pumped.

  • Plan out your meals and snacks (honestly, this keeps coming up because this job usually falls to Mom and we REALLY LIKE A BREAK from thinking about the next feeding time).

  • Map or GPS (or at least look before you go). The last thing Mom needs on Mother's Day is an argument about stopping for directions.

Accompanying gift suggestion: Day Trips from Halifax book for future family fun (if you want it signed, I can arrange that for you *shameless plug for little brother again*).

I hope this little guide helps make your Mother's Day special, relaxing and fun. You deserve a wonderful day dedicated to the awesome Mama you are.

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