ORB Morph Review

Our friends at ORB recently sent us a couple boxes of their latest invention to test out. It's called Morph and it's like nothing we've ever played with before!

First of all, it's got an awesome box. It has a little hologram thing on it that shows the product going from a clay looking lump to a cute animal. Each box contains one colour though so you should know that to make any of the things on the box you'll likely need more than one box of it. There are currently six colours: Ultra Pink, Blue Surf (those are the two we have), Atomic Tangerine, Electric Purple, Sunburst Yellow and Sonic Green.

When you open the box I have to admit that the actual product didn't look very exciting. It's one bag filled with dry lumps of Morph. It's hard to believe it will live up to the promise of being easily shaped, able to float, hold prints and bounce.

The Surf Blue Morph when it was first opened

The Surf Blue Morph when it was first opened

We started squeezing it and pulling it apart and kneading it. It was tough at first but the kids each worked on their own and I went back and forth between them, helping them work it. It was probably about ten minutes for each before it started to really soften up. The kids were fine but my hands were kind of sore (maybe I'm just weak?). I learned after that it's better to squeeze it in the bag first but either way works the same in the end.

But as it started softening up we were all blown away by the transformation. It was sooo soft and almost fluffy!

Mr. M (3.5 years old) committed to making a blue mountain. He just kept pulling the blue Morph apart and piling it on top of each other making it as high as it could go. Miss M (5.5 years old) made a pink heart, then a snowman. She loved manipulating it and kept exclaiming that it was "SO COOL."

Another great thing about it is that Morph doesn't dry out! We finished using it (after almost an hour of play!!) and set it up on the shelf, out in the air, and didn't have a chance to return to it until three days later and it was just as good as it was when we left it.

Next up we tried to see if it would really float. We cut shapes out of it with cookie cutters first.

Then we filled a bowl with water and dropped them in. Success! They floated perfectly and never became water logged or sank. And, even better, when we took them out they dried out in minutes. If we started pulling them apart again they dried out even quicker!

We then rolled some of it into balls and they had amazing bounce - they were literally bouncing ten feet high! The kids LOVED that while I cringed and yelled things like, "Look out for the lamp!" "Don't throw it at your brother/sister!" When they finished bouncing them all over the house I was surprised to find that the balls weren't absolutely disgusting, in fact, they didn't seem to pick up any dust or dirt. Probably cause my house is spotlessly clean *snicker*

There are so many possibilities to what you can do with Morph. It holds its shape so you could make prints in it or if you have pressing molds you could make more complex shapes and designs. Most play dough tools work well with this as well. Check out Morph's own YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and website for more ideas!

Every time the kids play with Morph they get so much entertainment out of coming up with new ways to use it and I really love that it doesn't dry out and that it's non-toxic.

CONTEST TIME! (Giveaway closed)

We've got TWO free boxes of Morph for one of our readers, thanks to ORB, and just in time for March Break! Leave a comment below telling us which two colours you'd like if you won; then head on over to our Facebook page for a second entry in the contest!

Winners must be age of majority in their state or province, and must reside in North America. Contest closes Saturday, March 4 at 8:00pm AST. (Contest closed. Congratulations to Anitra!)

If you'd like to purchase Morph you can find it at Michael's Craft Stores and other local retailers.

Thanks to ORB for providing the free product for review and giveaway. As always, all opinions are my own.