How to Turn Kiddie Artwork into Greeting Cards

I recently went down to my office/storage/gym/freezer room to get something out of the deep freeze. As I leaned into it my hip bumped the dresser beside it and the two foot high stack of kiddie artwork on top of it teetered, then tottered, then floated its way to the floor in a pile of tissue paper, glitter and pompoms.

Yep, I have a problem with the kids' artwork. Despite me being an abnormally organized person in almost every other way, I quickly became overwhelmed with my kids' artwork. I have a gallery wall that I hang their most recent work in, but in less than a week all six frames have been refilled with new work and suddenly I have another stack of artwork that goes on this pile.

I'm working on a organizing system that I'll share (once I'm convinced it works!) but for now I am upcycling some of the artwork that I've come across in the sorting process (mainly the ones that have no name or date or indicator of whose it might be) into these super simple, yet super charming, greeting cards.

Abstract art (such as fingerpainting) work really well for this type of craft. Neither kid actually remembered making this particular piece so neither had sentimental attachment to it.

Find a section that has a great mix of colour or pattern and cut it into a shape. You can use a basic square or circle, or, if the painting lends itself to it, go with a holiday theme. For example, a painting with lots of green could be cut into shamrock shapes, reds and pinks are perfect for Valentine hearts, pastels make excellent Easter eggs. 

We wanted to send a thank you note to a special friend so we cut a heart out of this work and glued it to one side of a piece of pink cardstock paper.

Then we folded it in half and pasted a piece of white paper on the inside.


Miss M wrote out a note for our friend and voila! A personal, charming greeting card that any family or friend would love to receive.

We ended up making a stack of these as they were so quick to make and you can get a few out of each piece of artwork. We are set for birthday cards for months and Valentine’s Day will be a snap!

Do you save all your kids' artwork? Do you toss it? Do you have other creative ways to repurpose it?