Online Grocery Shopping with Atlantic Superstore Arrives in Halifax


Disclosure: Atlantic Superstore provided me with a store gift card as a thank you for trying out the service. As always, all opinions, are mine.

Imagine, if you will, a world without your overtired child throwing a tantrum in the middle of the grocery store when you have a half-full cart of groceries that you need to leave behind to get her out of there. Or never having that moment when your newborn decides he needs to eat NOW near the end of a stressful grocery shop and having to leave a full cart of groceries behind to try to find a comfortable spot to nurse him. 

Well, parents of Halifax, thanks to Atlantic Superstore's new online grocery shopping service, that world finally exists! The future is NOW. 


Atlantic Superstore launched a brand new service today in Halifax that allows you to do all your shopping online, choose your pick-up time, submit the order, and then simply pull up in the reserved parking spots and have your groceries brought out to you.



No unbuckling kids, no running through the pouring rain, no skidding across the ice, none of that.

I had the chance to test drive this service today and I've got the scoop on how it works and gathered up some tips for those of you who want to try it out as well.

First of all, check out my Facebook video below with a quick tutorial of how the program works. 


Once you submit your order the team at your local Superstore gets started putting the order together.


There are personal shoppers who do the legwork for you and fill the order, then take it to the Click and Collect station where they put the dry goods in bins, the cold items in the freezer or fridge, and the hot items hang out in the deli until you arrive.


If an item is unavailable, your shopper will contact you and ask if you'd like to substitute it with the next best option.


When you pull up to the reserved parking spot, you give a call to the number on the sign and let them know you've arrived. Within minutes they've gathered up your items from storage inside and are at your car.

They unload the items into your car and confirm your payment method. If it's anything but cash they jog back in, get the receipt, and bring it out to you. 

7585928352_IMG_0086 (1).JPG

Then you're done - ready to carry on with the rest of your day!

My experience was fantastic - they were friendly, prompt, and my order was exactly as I asked (with one substituted item that they called to approve with me). I have picked up a few tips during my experience that I'll pass along to you to make your experience as smooth as mine.


  1. GROCERY LISTS MADE EASY: Instead of making a grocery list, open an account and add items you need as you go. You, and any other adults in the house, can log in and add items whenever you discover an item is needed. When you're ready to place your order, simply review the items in the cart, delete the five cartons of ice cream your tech savvy kid (or husband) added, and place the order. You can add or remove items up until midnight the night before you want to pick up your order.

  2. COST SAVINGS: While shopping, make use of the cost savings options. You can clip coupons right on the site, review your PC Plus offers, and check the flyers all within the app. Comparison shopping is super easy with this, more so than when you're in the store holding items and trying to compare while a kid is whining that they're bored. You can also see all the nutritional information online to choose the healthiest option for your family. Remember to bring the coupons with you to present at pick-up to get your discount.

  3. GET WHAT YOU WANT: When reviewing your order, add any notes you'd like your shopper to be aware of (i.e. choose the greenest bananas, pick the latest expiration date available, etc.). You can also choose whether or not a substitution is acceptable if the item you want isn't available.

  4. SEE THE GHOSTS OF GROCERY ORDERS PAST: You can see what you've ordered in all of your past grocery shops in case you need a reminder of what you might need to add to your list. They'll also show you your regularly ordered items and suggest items that you might want to consider.

  5. EASY PAYMENT: When you add a credit card to your online order, you don't actually get charged until you pick up your order. The concierge will ask how you wish to pay - if you choose the card that you used to reserve the order online, you don't need to give it to them, they just charge it from your account and bring you your receipt. You can also let them know at pick up time if you want to use PC Plus points, pay with a gift card, or debit. If you are paying cash, you will need to go inside.

  6. REUSABLE BAGS: If you want to use your reusable bags or bins, just note this in your online order and they'll pop outside when you call and take your bags to put your order in. Otherwise it will be bagged in plastic.


    • Click and Collect needs a minimum order of $30.

    • There is a service fee of $3 or $5 depending on the time and day that you are picking up the order (you'll see what it is when you choose your pick-up time).

    • You have a two hour window to pick up your groceries.


Click and Collect is now available at seven local Atlantic Superstore locations:

  • 3601 Joseph Howe Drive

  • 210 Chain Lake Drive

  • 1075 Barrington Street

  • 9 Braemar Drive

  • 745 Sackville Drive

  • 1650 Bedford Highway

  • 650 Portland Street

On December 12, there will also be six locations in New Brunswick including Fredericton, both stores in Moncton, Riverview, Orotmocto, and Nashwaakis.

What do you think of this service? Will you be trying it out?