Organizing Stuffed Animals

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I love pinning ideas (come follow me on Pinterest here!) for things to do with my kids, organizing our home, and meal ideas (don't we all?). I realized recently, though, that I was not actually TRYING many of these ideas so I've decided to do some test drives on my pins to see how well they really work.

My daughter's stuffed animal situation is out of control so I decided to start with figuring out how to wrangle them. I've tried some of my own ideas in the past but her beloved collection has outgrown all of my efforts...

Most recently I bought a large cloth hamper (similar style to the one above) and we put them all in some on the bed and some on the shelf...but they still kept multiplying and were spilling out in no time.

I've suggested we pass some of them along to her cousins or friends or less fortunate children but she is so attached to each and every one of them she bursts into tears at the thought of losing any of them. I've tried slowly moving them one by one out of her room but she invariably asks after them and goes into a panicked search mode trying to find them. She has some kind of mental inventory and loves each one dearly.

To be fair, she comes by it honestly. I was exactly the same way growing up - I had shelves and shelves full of animals and I tried lots of ways to store them nicely.

For awhile I had one of these hanging chain systems.

I also used one of these net systems for awhile.

In fact, I still have a couple boxes full of stuffed animals getting musty in boxes in my storage room right now that I can't bear to part with.

Her room is not very big though and floor space is at a premium once all the furniture is accounted for so I had to think outside the box (enter Pinterest).

I considered the idea of stuffing them in a bean bag chair but because of the limited floor space and the fact that she couldn't see them in there nixed that one. I also love this idea by my friend Heather, but her room just didn't have the room for it (and I don't have the skills to make it).

BUT for today's Pinterest Test Drive I decided to try this hanging door option and shared it live on Instagram Stories as I did it (come follow me to see other behind the scenes content there!).

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I started by piling all the stuffed animals in the middle of the room. Some were obviously going to be too big, and some live on her bed most of the time so I pulled those from the pile.


I bought a clear over the door shoe organizer for about $10 and it easily hooked over the bifold closet door.

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I popped each one into their own compartment, and doubled up some of the little ones together. There was more room in each compartment than I'd thought there would be which was good. The plastic was also thicker than I thought (for some reason I expected it to be quite flimsy).


Less than ten minutes after starting, I was done (it would have been quicker if I hadn't been rearranging them as I went so that all the unicorns were together, etc. Most of them fit but there was still a small pile of them left out. I put those back in the toy hamper and put a few on her bed.


It seems to be working well. We keep the ones she doesn't play with as much at the top but will occasionally shuffle them around so they all get a chance to be easily accessible for tea parties and dance-a-thons.

Miss M loves that she can see them all and they're not stuffed into a bag or basket. I like it too - they look really cute snuggled together in there and are easy to access. The door opens well with it on there though we had to adjust it's positioning  and move some of the bigger ones from the edges in so they didn't get squished when it's open.

Overall, this is an easy, low cost way that adds to the cuteness of a little kids room. This is a Pinterest win!

So we have a solution for now...though it may be a whole other situation after Christmas...

Have you tried this? Do you have any other suggestions for organizing stuffed animals?


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