ORB factory Toy Review: Fuzzeez, Plush Craft Patch Studio & Glitter Petz (Giveaway Closed)

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We have been enjoying Halifax's own toy factory, ORB factory toys, for quite awhile now and so we were more than happy to check out a few more of their products and share our reviews with you! In this post we'll test out the Plush Craft Patch Studio Kit, the Glitter Petz and the Plush Craft Patch Studio Kit - and GIVEWAWAY a set of all three to one of our lucky readers!

Plush Craft Patch Studio

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are big fans of The ORB factory Plush Craft kits. Those, and the sticker mosaic kits, have also been our go-to gifts for birthday parties for awhile now

We were excited to try this new product out. It uses the plush craft concept of colour-by-number matching fabric squares onto a grid, but the finished product is a patch instead of a pillow or stuffie! 

Miss M (5yo) dove right into this as she has lots of experience with plush crafts. She had a friend over for a playdate at the time and they both tested it out and proclaimed it just as easy to use, if not easier, than the pillow ones "because it didn't wiggle around" like the bigger plush ones can do.

These ones are stabilized on the panel by a sticker and the frame, and pressed down by the roller so they are quite secure. The fabric pieces are smaller, as are the dots, but that didn't seem to faze them.

Once all the pieces were in, there were a couple steps that needed adult assistance to put the back of the patch on, then the roller came out again to seal it all together.

Once that was done we easily popped the shape out and the girls chose where to attach their patches. Miss M's friend put hers on her backpack and Miss M put hers on her comforter, to cover up a hole caused by an independent crafting project and some scissors. Yup.

We haven't washed it with the patch on and, while there are instructions to do so, I think I'll probably remove it for the washing, just to be safe.

The kit comes with the supplies to make six different patches and, once an adult sets it up, it's pretty much an independent activity for 5+ (although the box sayd 7+), especially if they've done any of this type of crafting before. The girls loved that they had something useful to show off to their friends after the craft was finished.


We've reviewed Glitter Petz before so Miss M was so excited to see one in the box and begged to do it right away. She loves them because they have so many sparkly stickers. I love them because they're so easy for her to do on her own and are free style so there's no "wrong way" to do it. 

She had fun choosing which stickers went where and chattered about what she would name it when she was done (spoiler alert: all names involved sparkle, glitter or magic in some way).

It even has a little string and hook to attach it to a backpack - which is THE THING to do for Primary students at Miss M's school. They've all got a multitude of critters hanging from their backpacks like 90s flare, so this little Sparkle, or maybe it ended up being Sparkle Glitter?, proudly joined her backpack collection.

These are pretty inexpensive and we find they're great to have on hand to pull out for some time when you need to keep you little one busy for 20-30 minutes (depending on how much detail they put into it!).


This is a product that a reader had asked me to review so The ORB factory kindly sent it along and, as big fans of cuddly toys around here, the kids were dying to test it out. Make your own stuffy?? They were IN.

You should prepare your kids that it's not an instant process, so they should not expect it to be ready for them right away. Once my two understood that, they were keen to start. This is definitely an adult-led project and you should read the instructions over ahead of time, and find a spray bottle (or 500 ml empty bottle) in advance. A nozzle is included, but not a bottle.

The basic idea is to ad bits of fluff (and eyes and nose) a bit at a time in the sequence outlined in the book and spray soapy water on the fluff, then flatten it out over and over, layering it correctly until all the fluff has been added. To my surprise, both kids (ages 5 and 3) actually loved spraying, and flattening and stuck with me through the process (which took about 30-45 minutes).

Spray, and flatten, and spray, and flatten. Then do it some more.

Once it's done, we added the back and locked it together, sealed it in a laundry bag and tossed it in the wash the next time we did darks. After the wash, a couple of the tabs popped open, so we tucked the loose fluff back in, refastened the case and put it in for the second cycle.

After it finished drying, I left it out overnight just to be sure it was completely dry and then did the "big reveal" with the kids. They were blown away and kept exclaiming that they couldn't believe they'd created it themselves! We still have to trim some of the loose fuzz, and turns out I didn't put quite enough fluff on the front of the face so the anchor holding its nose and eyes together showed through, but the kids didn't seem to care.


So in the end I'd call it a success. I liked that the children got to try a different type of crafting and we always love "magical" crafts that have a real wow factor in the final product. Just be sure to follow the directions carefully for the best results!


Now it's your chance to win a prize pack of these three products from The ORB factory! To get your entry in to win simply leave a comment below on this blog post about which toy you're most excited about (**be SURE to check the "I Commented" box and log your info into the Rafflecopter Widget or your entry won't be counted!**). Winners must be over the age of majority but can live anywhere in North America!