How to Host A Book Club for Little Kids (aka How Do I Host a Book Club WITHOUT wine?)


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We’re super excited to announce the most adorable new feature here at Itsy Bitsy Haligonians for all the little book lovers in your life: the Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club!

We are partnering with our friends at Nimbus Publishing to feature a fantastic Atlantic Canadian children’s book each month, along with activities for an online book club for little kids. 

Story extension activities are a fun way for little ones to explore a book on a deeper level in a way that is age appropriate for them. Each activity is inspired by the individual book and best completed after reading the book with your child (and the more times you read it, the better!). Reading with your kids is so important for many reasons, in particular it will hopefully kick start a life long love of reading. Here are a couple examples of story extension activities I've done in the past for Little Blue TruckMix It Up and Around Newfoundland.

Every month we will be bringing you a new book, published by Halifax's own Nimbus Publishing, and it will be announced about a week before we share our book club post with you to give you a chance to read the book along with us (and to get a chance to win a copy of the latest book!).


Yes, most book clubs we've all attended in the past have wine, and lots of it. A little kids' book club may have whine (ha, get it?) but let's stick to the juice boxes for drinks, shall we?

Hosting a meeting for an Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club chapter is loads of fun. You have a couple options.

In-person: book club with friends or one-on-one with your own child(ren)

  • Round up a few favourite parents and tots and invite them over for a meeting (setting up a schedule in advance to take turns hosting is a great idea to share the fun); or set up a special book club meeting time with your child(ren) to build some anticipation for them.

  • Encourage everyone to read the book a few times in advance so it's familiar to the kids, and then read it at the meeting to all the children in the group.

  • Talk to the children about their favourite parts of the story - what pictures they liked, how they book made them feel, what they liked or disliked about it.

  • Prepare the activities that I will be providing in each month's blog post, and add some more of your own if you wish. Explain to the children what to do, and let them at it.

  • If you want, provide some snacks at the meeting as well - themed ones that connect to the book are always a hit!

VIRTUAL book club

  • Create a group online with some friends and invite them to your virtual book club (great especially if friends live far away from each other).

  • Encourage everyone to read the book a few times in advance so it's familiar to the kids OR Facetime/Skype a meeting with a few friends. Read the book together and talk live to the children about their favourite parts of the story.

  • Everyone does the activities that we provide in the blog post at home with their littles and then posts photos in their group showing what they did on the same day, or over the course of a couple days.

  • Talk online about what your favourite parts of the book were and share ideas for more activities.


How to host a book club for little kids


Our first Itsy Bitsy Nimbus Book Club selection is The Snow Knows. It's written by Jennifer McGrath with illustrations by Josée Bisaillon. 


For your chance to WIN a copy of this book, hop on over to our Facebook page and like the status about this post, and comment by telling us what you love about the snow (winners are restricted to addresses in North America). For bonus good karma points, show your love of raising readers by sharing this post and/or tagging some friends to get more budding bookworms reading local books! Contest ends Tuesday, January 17 at 8:00pm (AST).

You can buy the book directly from Nimbus, or from one of their many booksellers such as Woozles, Bookmark, Chapters or Amazon (below).

We can’t wait to hear what you think of The Snow Knows. Check back on Wednesday, January 18 for our first book club "meeting"!

The Snow Knows
By Jennifer McGrath

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