DIY Hair Clips for Baby

"Everyone's invited."

That one simple phrase, sent out to my Mom and Baby group when Miss M was 3.5 months old meant that the very first party I held for either of my kids, a Valentine's Day one, saw 19 (that's NINETEEN) babies, and their mamas descend on my house on February 14. It was the most ADORABLE party ever.

As a thank you for coming I made each boy a little red and white clip on bow tie, and each girl a hair clip. I found the bow tie tutorial online - I believe this is the one I used here.

I'd been making hair clips myself for awhile by then though, as Miss M was born with a full head of hair. By Valentine's Day she already had a big collection of clips for every special (and not-so-special) occasion.

valentine hair clip for baby.jpg

I thought I'd share my super easy tutorial here so you can make custom clips for any occasion (especially adorable for a parade of cherubs on Valentine's Day).

Get some alligator clips from a craft store, a hot glue gun, scissors, some ribbon (100% polyester), and whatever decorations you choose. I made them for all the holidays, as well as ones just to match certain outfits. You can buy little gems, bows, plastic animals, etc. at the dollar store in the craft supply section, but if you keep your eyes open you'll start seeing them everywhere (old holiday decorations, gift tags, I even took the pink bow - in the clip in the top image - off an old pair of baby pants!).

Cut the ribbon about three times the length of the clip. To check it, wrap the ribbon before gluing by starting inside, wrapping around the back, inside the part of the clip you squeeze, and then back to the inside on the opposite part of the clip.

DO NOT put all the glue on at once. Trust me, the whole thing will stick together and/or harden and you'll probably get burned...or so I hear.

Do one section at a time and wrap the ribbon around slowly, pressing it down firmly as you go.

Once the clip is fully wrapped, add your decorations to the outside with another dab of glue. We used a foam heart shape as we're giving this to my 10 month old niece for Valentine's Day (shhhhh).

They make a great gift for baby gatherings or for any babies in your life, and literally only take a few moments to make and cost very little.

Just humour my worrying self and don't leave the baby unsupervised with one of these on. While the glue is pretty firm, some of the decorations can easily be pulled off by a curious baby. Once they're grabbing things easily, it's best to limit wear of these clips.