ORB factory Toy Review

*Disclosure: I received complementary product to review from ORB factory, however all opinions in this post are my own.

I like crafting, and my kids like crafting; but, honestly, I'm a bit of a lazy crafter. I don't want to spend time searching for ideas and finding or buying supplies. When we want to craft, we just want to get started. This is why I ❤️ craft kits.

Recently the ORB factory, based out of Halifax!, sent a box of craft kits for my two itsy bitsy Haligonians (Miss M is now almost five years old, and Mr M is almost three years old) to try out, and they could be sending you one too! Read our review of a few of their products below and enter the contest at the bottom for your chance to win.

We believe in the power of creativity to foster a sense of awe, wonder, and self-esteem in kids. We are committed to designing the very best in innovative toys. We know you will have as much fun playing with them as we did inventing them.
— www.orbfactory.com

Plush Craft

The Plush Craft is what they call a Fabric by Number and it's recommended for ages five and up, however Miss M was able to manage it with a little parental support when she was just over four years old. There's no sewing involved either so no worries, my fellow-sew-impaired parents! Each one of those little purple dots has a number on it that corresponds to a coloured fabric square. You place the square on the dot, then use the stylus provided to press down in the middle into the pre-made hole which secures it. GENIUS.

Miss M was able to put most of the pieces in by herself.

As she got further along, and the pillow became more filled in with fabric, she needed my help to hold the squares over the dots and then she would press them in.  She also found the outer edges, where it wasn't quite as thick with stuffing, to be a bit more challenging to do on her own.

The finished product!

The finished product!

She spent almost two hours straight working on this, as she didn't want to stop until it was done, and she was so thrilled when it was finished. It makes an adorable little pillow/stuffy for her room and she takes extra pride in it because she made it herself.

Final Verdict (TLDR)

This is a great first craft kit for little kids. It's a good parent-child activity although older kids can probably do most of it on their own once they get the hang of it. One thing we have found is the "special" stickers that come with them (the eye in this case) may need a dab of super glue to ensure they don't fall off, especially if they'll be played with a lot. Overall this is one of our favourites and it's become our go-to birthday present these days for her pals as they come in many shapes such as dogs, owls, butterflies and cupcakes. 

My First Sticky Mosaics

I was really excited to try these kits as I had a feeling Mr. M would like them. Monkeys are his favourite animal and he loves stickers (as do most kids!!). They're recommended for ages three and up. He is a bit younger than that but he still really enjoyed this craft.

Each package comes with four character shapes and enough stickers for all of the included projects. The stickers are pretty large so they're perfect for little kids still learning hand-eye coordination. They simply match the sticker with the corresponding colour/shape and they're off.

Miss M was able to do this project completely on her own and it took her about half an hour to complete her first one.

Mr. M was able to find the matching shape on his own and press the sticker down in the right spot. 

He spent about half an hour working on his monkey and got about a quarter of it done before he got antsy. This is a pretty long time for him to sit still and enjoy a craft so I was pleased that he stayed focused for that long. We'll keep working with him for short periods of time until he finishes it.

Final Verdict (TLDR)

For the smallest children they will still need help peeling the stickers off and positioning them, but it provides lots of opportunity for talking about colours and shapes. For "older" little kids (ages four or five) they can likely do this craft independently. It makes an awesome activity for Quiet Time.

SparkleUps Cupcakes

I had to laugh when I saw this kit as I didn't even need to look inside to see if it was something Miss M would like. Sparkles and cupcakes? C'mon, that's a slam dunk for her. It includes several cupcake (and topping) stickers and sparkly stickers to decorate them with. It's done by a colour by number system.

This was a craft she could do independently. The finished cupcake stickers are also repositionable so she was able to use them to decorate her night table when she was done.

Final Verdict (TLDR)

Cute project that required virtually no assistance from an adult. It provides opportunities to identify numbers, colours and shapes; and she loved being able to use this sparkly craft to decorate her room afterwards.

Glitter Petz

Glitter Petz come in a variety of animal shapes and they are recommended for ages six and up though unless your kid eats stickers (er, no judging here) I think they're likely fine for a younger age. This is a really simple, self-directed craft. It comes with a load of glittery stickers and kids can decorate their pet however they wish. 

Miss M spent quite a bit of time decorating her unicorn just so, and once she was satisfied with it we put the little hook in so that she can hang it from her backpack. For now though she likes to tuck it in at night in a bed she made up for it next to hers.

Final Verdict (TLDR)

There are several of these to collect and they are affordable enough to buy a few to have on hand so when you need your child to stay occupied while you take care of something important (i.e. getting dinner ready, sneaking a treat from your secret chocolate stash), you can just pull one out and set them up with it.

Pulsar Power Balls

This is part of ORB factory's Curiosity Kit collection. The info says to only use it with kids who are about five and older so we got Mr. M busy with something else and got to work. This was a super cool science experiment with a quick turnaround for a result that blew her mind!

We put the light in the middle of the orb, and then Miss M poured some crystals from each of the baggies provided into the orb. We dunked it in water for a minute and a half, and set it out to dry for a bit.

Waiting is the hardest part

Waiting is the hardest part

When we pulled the plastic orb apart we had a custom light-up bouncy ball!

Her face says it all!

Her face says it all!

Both kids were so excited at the transformation. Miss M kept saying, "I can't BELIEVE I made a rainbow ball all by myself!" It was really bouncy and lit up every time, to the delight of both kids. We even took it into the bathroom and closed the doors so they could see it bounce in the dark - much giggling ensued.

Final Verdict (TLDR)

Little kids have little patience so a science experiment like this that allows them to turn crystals into a toy they can design themselves and then use within 15 minutes is guaranteed a winner. Couple notes: Grab a funnel to help pour the crystals in to avoid making a big mess and be sure littler kids (under five) are not touching the crystals as they are dangerous to ingest. This project definitely needs adult supervision but can be kid-directed.

GIVEAWAY! (closed)

Wanna try these fun and educational kits from this multi-award winning local company yourself? You're in luck! The kind folks at ORB factory are giving away a prize pack* with all of the products we tested to one reader - yippy! For your chance to win, just enter at the bottom of this post - the more ways you enter, the more chances you have to win!

*Note: the models of the product may not be exactly the same as the ones in the review

Want to get one today? The kits are available at Scholars Choice (in MicMac Mall), Brain Candy Toys (in Sunnyside Mall), HaliKids (South Park Street), Toys R US and Chapters.

Every kit came with more than enough stickers so you'll likely have some leftover for future crafting projects - or just decorating your fingers.

Every kit came with more than enough stickers so you'll likely have some leftover for future crafting projects - or just decorating your fingers.

Click to visit their website to view all of their products

Click to visit their website to view all of their products

*Winner will be contacted by email on Thursday, July 14. They will have 24 hours to reply to the email and accept the award or another winner will be drawn.