From Leggings to Summer Shorts DIY

*Guest post by Miss M and Mr M's "Grammie T"*

I am always looking for ways to include my grandchildren in ‘grown up’ projects. Whether it’s making pancakes, filling the bird feeders or planting some seeds, they love the responsibility of doing what they see grown-ups do.  

Sewing with my oldest granddaughter started when she was 3 and now at 4 1/2, she loves to do her part. This project is quick, easy and perfect for little helpers.

Does your child wear out the knees of their leggings?


With summer coming, I have just the fix for you to save money and reuse perfectly good leggings (except for the hole!) by  turning them into stylish shorts for the summer.

First you need to measure the length you want the shorts. I chose 8” from the waistband but they can be any length you want.

Then I cut off the bottom part – no need to be fussy with this as long as both legs are pretty much the same length! I am not a seamstress and quick and simple beats out tedious for me. Depending on their scissor skills, your helper can do this job. I have a small pair of sewing scissors for her use – still very sharp so only used with supervision of course.

My helper selected the thread color and loves to help put the bobbin in.

Fold the cut edge under for the smallest hem you can stitch and zip around the legs to make the hem. My helper’s job here is to hold down the reverse lever on the sewing machine as I backstitch the first stitch, and to cut the dangling threads with her special scissors when the sewing is done.

You should now have a very comfy and cute pair of shorts for summer fun!

For inspiration, here are the ones we made last year, and since they are stretchy, some may still fit her this summer. You could do the same with jogger/sweat pants, especially if they have an elastic waistband and stretchy material.

Think of all the money you’ll save and the pride your grandchild/child will have in wearing something they have helped to make.