Gardening with Kids in Halifax

I've always said if I forget to feed something and it doesn't bark, meow or cry, well, it's gonna die. The evidence is in many sad green things that have entered my house alive and thriving and exited my house to rest in peace in the forest behind our backyard. I'm not proud and I want to change.

I've been trying my hand at container gardening a few vegetables because food is motivating for me - I'm just more likely to remember to care for food than a flower. Mind you, it doesn't mean I've had a lot of success with it. Last year I had the kids help me plant some vegetables but then I didn't move them to shelter during some torrential downpours and basically drowned everything. Whoops.

This year I used the guise of my Family Matters column to seek the advice of a local Master Gardener and got some great tips. I also found out about an awesome free seed exchange program at the Halifax library branches and picked up our free packets. Score! We're all set now and are going to get planting this weekend. Wish those poor little seedlings luck . . .