Dartmouth Waterfront Kiwanis Playground

Most locals know the story of the playground on the Dartmouth waterfront. About six or seven years ago it was burned down by vandals and, to much cost, had to be rebuilt. The result is a modern ship style playground with stunning views of the harbour and Halifax.

We visited there for the first time this summer.

I'll be honest, I didn't even know it was a ship until I looked it up online. I initially thought it was some type of spaceship, but, nope, it's a boat type ship. Now that I know I can see it and I suppose the fish designs should have been a giveaway.

My biggest beef with this playground was the big slide. To reach it children have to climb up incredibly high and there are no landings along the way so, if they fall, they're dropping all the way to the bottom. And, from the top, that's about ten feet. A long way for kid that's barely three feet tall.

For parents to be nearby to support little climbers, they need to climb into a small space in the middle of the structure, blocking other kids and that was backlogged with other parents trying to avoid a trip to the ER by their eager climbers. I'm all for allowing risk in play, but managed risk when they're little.

To be fair, I believe this part of the structure is for ages five and up, and my oldest was not quite five when we were there, but even now that she is five I know she would have trouble making it safely to the top without support.

Some good points were the spinning dish thing. My kids are loving these additions to playgrounds. They hold lots of kids and are easy for them to get into and out of, and to even push themselves. The playground in Bedford at Dewolf Playground has one too.

There is also a section for the two to five year old set with a smaller slide and some ground level activities.

This is a great destination during a ferry boat adventure (especially if you double it with the Halifax waterfront playground) or a visit to the Alderney library or market.

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