Baby Led Weaning


At twenty-one months old Ahava Bourque has a refined palate. She dines on Japanese, Indian and Lebanese cuisine, chooses carrots over cheesies and prefers her steak medium-rare.

Her mother, Alva Ortile-Bourque, credits Baby Led Weaning (BLW), the self-feeding method that bypasses purees, with her daughter’s love of food. She says the first solid food Ahava tried was steamed carrots.

“There was definitely a lot of gagging. I was taking a video but deep inside I was preparing to take her out of her seat to do the back blows if needed. She did really well; I did not,” Ortile-Bourque laughs. “But I asked for opinions about the video and got an assurance that we did it correctly. That was the start of a very fulfilling BLW journey for our daughter.”

Dr. Jennifer Salib Huber, a Halifax naturopathic doctor and registered dietician, has been giving BLW workshops for 5 years and has coached hundreds of families through the process.

Salib Huber believes the theory about starting babies with purees was born from the 1970s when parents were told to put Pablum in their child’s formula as early as three to five weeks....