Tattletales Books in Schools Program

I *heart* books. I always have. I remember walking to and from school with my nose stuck in a book and constantly stumbling over cracks in the sidewalk because I couldn't tear my eyes away from the pages (those "Against Taffy Sinclair Club" gals were addictive)!

Tattletales Book Store in Dartmouth loves books too - so much that they do an annual campaign to raise funds to build up local school libraries! My I Love Local column in Family Matters highlighted them this past month...

Both of my children’s names were inspired by characters in children’s books - even my own name is linked with a famous literary character. I’ve always been an avid reader and I’ve been gleefully pushing books on my kids since they were newborns. It seems to be working as we now have two little bookworms. On the flip side, I scraped through math in school and I’m already dreading the day my children start getting math homework. I could never fathom how books and math could be happy together.

Then I talked to Anne Whebby, co-owner of the family-run Tattletales bookstore on Portland Street in Dartmouth. She has found a way to make math concepts fun and connect them to reading through their annual Coin Campaign... Read my full column in Family Matters.