Social Media Helps Parents Stay Connected

I’d hazard a guess that the wee hours of the morning is one of the most active times on social media for new parents. I’ve personally spent many hours in a darkened room feeding, changing, or soothing my babies, while simultaneously chatting online with other sleep-deprived parents.

Being a parent of young children can be an isolating experience. It can be hard to get out with a baby, and if you add more children to the mix it’s hard to schedule activities outside the home around dueling nap schedules.

Luckily we have access to social media these days, which is a great way to “talk” to other local parents even if you can’t leave your house. Heather Nolan of Timberlea is the Mommy behind the food focused lifestyle blog She says that social media has helped her stay connected...Continue Reading my Oct/Nov column in Family Matters...