Riverbreeze Corn Maze (without the maze)

riverbreeze corn maze.png

Corn mazes are the stuff of nightmares for me. Put one directionally-challenged person in a place that is DESIGNED to get you lost and, well, let's just say it's likely I'd never been seen or heard from again.

Luckily the Riverbreeze Corn Maze in Truro has lots of other activities for people who are too scared to try a corn maze. It's just about an hour from our place but I first heard about it by reading this great review from Heather over at Heather's Handmade Life. Recently some friends suggested we all make a day out of it and we we didn't hesitate to say yes. They have a girl and a boy close in age to our two and we all love hanging out together.

First stop was the giant jumping pillow. I'm sure, if left to their own devices, the girls (and their Dads) would have spent the day there and been perfectly happy.

Mr M wasn't as keen on it though so he and I headed over to check out the pigs (who have occasional races throughout the day) and the petting zoo. They've got a cow, goats, sheep, and a separate area for bunnies. The little boys loved peeking in the wooden house windows in the bunny area to see them.

I think the favourite activity was the Cow Train. It's pulled around by a tractor operated by a young woman who, bless her heart, must not be able to walk straight by the end of a shift. It goes pretty much constantly and does a crazy loop-de-loop route over and over again. Basically, tractor donuts. I did one round and felt a little queasy by the end. Miss M and her friend did multiple rounds and finished each one with fist pumps and "That was AWESOME!!" and "Can we go again?"

There was also a massive slide that seemed to be on turbo speed - or maybe when you're 30 pounds everything is on turbo speed. It looked like a giant 14 foot high culvert, complete with bumpy ridges, secured to a set of stairs. My little Miss M didn't even hesitate about going down it and even insisted on putting her little brother in front of her and flying down with him. Myself or my husband took turns catching them at the bottom, until he managed to twist his ankle during one particularly heroic effort at making a save. And here I thought the first aid kit was for the little people.

We also spent some time in a rope maze (bunch of wooden boards with rope defining a maze). Not nearly as scary as the corn maze although I definitely still couldn't find my way out and I definitely cheated to save myself. And I definitely lost track of both of my children and couldn't figure out how to get to them through the rope maze. Totally made the right call on the corn maze.

Other activities included a darkened room the kids called a Space Room; a BB gun shooting range (we'll save that till they're a little older); swings, stacks of hay to climb on and through; gravel pit with mini excavators; a tire playground (Mr M loved that); pony rides; pedal carts; a cafe shaped like a pumpkin; and plenty more I'm know I'm forgetting.

The last stop was the wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch. We already have two pumpkins at our house right now (one my mother-in-law grew in her garden and one our amazing realtor Paula gave us - seriously, call her if you are buying or selling in Hali, I guarantee you'll love her) but Miss M was insistent that she wanted to pick her own this year.

All in all a really great day. I was a little scared off by the price at first (check their website for current rates) but it was worth every penny. Basically think of it as having a full Nova Scotia fall experience all in one afternoon. Plus, the kids slept like logs all night long.

Do you have any good corn maze stories to share? Are they as scary as I imagine them to be?