Ready, Steady, Wiggle

My daughter, at age 4, is a seasoned concert goer already. Miss M went to her first show, The Backyardigans, at age 2, and has since also attended a Sesame Street show, a Dora the Explorer show, and, most recently The Wiggles. My lucky horseshoe was in full effect a couple months ago when I won tickets to the show through MmmisforMommy (thanks Heather!) and Sonic Concerts and we've been anticipating it eagerly since.

The big day arrived on October 3 and the whole family went, making it Mr M's first concert and keeping the family tradition of being a 2 year old groupie alive and well. We were there early and settled in our seats to get a couple requisite selfies and check out the crowd. There were some adorable little Emma Wiggles walking around and loads of kids with bunches of flowers and dog bones (bad mommy moment: I didn't even KNOW about this tradition).

The show kicked off with some serious energy and a grand entrance from all the Wiggles, including my favourite, Anthony (Blue Wiggle), who had an adorable way of pronouncing Halifax "Ell-ee-fax" in his Aussie accent. Lachy had a cute shaggy new do and the audience members had lots of signs congratulating him and Emma on their recent engagement.

They went from hit to hit and my children, who are normally a bit reserved (in public), were out of their seats and dancing in the aisles (who am I kidding, I was up on my feet too) - even my husband who had never watched The Wiggles before was tapping his toes.

Then I found out why all those kids had flowers and dog bones - The Wiggles actually go into the crowd and pick up each and every one from the children to give to Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog!! How did I not know this? Luckily the mom next to me knew what was what and her kid had a bunch of flowers for Dorothy. I spotted Simon an aisle over and flagged him down (perhaps a little too enthusiastically) and sent him her way. My kids jaws fell to the floor as Simon leaned over in front of us to get the flowers and Miss M has been talking about him since. It may be the first time she saw a TV (human) celebrity in person - I'd say she was a little starstruck. :)

Creeper pic I took of Simon's profile as he gets flowers from our neighbour

Creeper pic I took of Simon's profile as he gets flowers from our neighbour

The show ended after just over an hour. I thought it was a good length for the age group and loved the non-stop enesrgy and fun. Even if I didn't get to meet Anthony in person. Next time, Blue Wiggle, next time...