Grand Prix and Garden Tea

I've been MIA for the last few weeks. Lots of writing work (which is great as I love my work!) and lots of party planning (which is also great as I love planning events!).

September is the month of birthdays in this family. I can count seven off the top of my head (including three of the five family members I grew up with, and two in my little family) plus I just had a new nephew both this month which brings it up to eight! As soon as I start telling people this their eyes widen and you can see them counting backwards so I just fill it in for them: "Christmas, and New Years. That's 40 weeks before September."

So we ended up with our kids having birthdays eleven days apart and have done combined birthday parties for them since they were born. As their interests become more defined it's been getting harder and harder to merge them into one party. Mr M is obsessed with cars, trucks, tractors, anything with wheels. Miss M adores tea parties, butterflies, and sparkles. Luckily she likes to race cars as well, and Mr M is an excellent tea party host and guest. Therefore I merged the two and came up with Grand Prix and Garden Tea (I know, so clever).

So we had a full set-up of race cars and tracks, along with an outside car wash for the Grand Prix portion; and a butterfly game, and a craft to make fancy necklaces for the tea party. Then, the grand finale, was a full on fancy tea party (with half the table in Cars decor, and half in pink/butterfly/garden decor. Let me tell you, there is nothing more adorable than 3-5 year olds sipping pink and chocolate "tea" (lemonade and milk) out of china tea cups. They were ENCHANTED. (The 1 and 2 year old guests got paper cups, just to be safe). I made Miss M a pink butterfly shaped cake and Mr M a cake with a number 2 shaped race track on it (with new Cars cars racing down it).

So now that it's over and life is settling back into a routine (HA! I don't even know what a routine is any more) I hope to get back on track here.

First stop, BlogJam Atlantic this Sunday! I can not wait!