If You Beelieve...The New Discovery Centre Will Come

Every time it pops. Every time I visit the Discovery Centre I want to get that bubble up and over my head and every time it pops JUST before it's there. Maybe I'm an inch too tall, maybe I'm too eager, maybe I'm just not meant to be trapped in a bubble, but whatever the reason, I must try. Every time. And every time it pops.

The bubble exhibit is the most popular one in the current Discovery Centre but it's about to get some competition. A new Discovery Centre is being built and it's going to be bigger and better and not just for kids any more (though, honestly, I'm pretty sure adults have as much fun as the kids in the current one). It's going to be a legit STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) centre that will benefit our generation and future generations to come. It will have state-of-the art permanent exhibits as well as a great space for travelling exhibits. I can't wait to take the kids - and myself - there.

They have launched a campaign for the public called beelieve - a nod to the way honeybees work together to achieve a common goal - and there are lots of fun ways to contribute.

Hopefully they will still have the bubble room so that someday I can achieve my goal.

Read more about it in my article in September's issue of Business Voice magazine, and learn about how you can beelieve, by clicking here.