Homeschooling in Nova Scotia

I'm just shy of a year away before my oldest will be starting school. I've always just assumed that public school was the right choice for our family. After writing this article I learned a lot about what homeschooling is really all about, and how varied the people who do it are - varied in their lifestyle, their reasons, and their family values.

Three years ago Deborah Peddle-Hann’s eight-year-old daughter was attending public school, spending eight hours a week in gymnastics and another five hours a week in other activities. Peddle-Hann says her daughter would often get in the door from school and head right back out again, some days not returning until 9 p.m.
“As you can imagine, the 6:30 a.m. rise for school the next morning was not a pleasant one,” Peddle-Hann says. “Even simple reading assignments were not completed on these busy days and she was tired a lot of the time.”
She decided to try homeschooling and discovered when her daughter was well-rested and allowed to work at her own pace, she began to excel in subjects she had previously struggled with and there was still time for extra-curricular activities. Peddle-Hann, who also has two preschool aged children and runs her own business, enjoys the fact that life is more relaxed and she knows exactly what her daughter “did at school that day.”

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