Simple Curtain Tie-Backs Hack

tie back.png

Both of my kids have those room darkening curtains which work great at night-time. In the daytime, however, I find because they're so snug, they're hard to slide along the curtain rod to open them straight across. I decided tie-backs would work better than inching them open each morning, and then inching them closed at night.

I didn't want to spend much money and I wanted something cute that fit the room themes so I came up with this little hack that's worked perfectly and cost about $5 each set - all you need are medium to large Command hooks (depending on the thickness of your curtains), a glue gun, and little wooden decorations.

I found the decorations at Michael's Craft Supplies with all their wooden things. I don't know technically what they're for but they have tons of shapes and designs and even blank ones you can paint yourself if you're so fancy. They cost less than a dollar each.

I did Miss M's first and got her a couple dragonflies to go with her nature themed bedroom. I finally found ones for Mr M's room this week as I'm in the process of updating his space to a big boy car themed room so I got a car and a bus for him.

It's so simple to do and takes all of five minutes. Stick your Command hook up on the wall where you want the curtain to open. I eyeballed it but measuring would probably be more sensible. Make sure the open part is facing away from the window (as shown below).

Then fire up that glue gun and get your little decorations ready (peel off any price tags or other stickers on them).

Generously glob some glue on the hook part.

Then press the decoration on the hook, making sure it sticks out a little past the end of the hook to give you more length to hold the curtain with. Press down for about thirty seconds to make sure it's secure.

Then do the same on the other side. Let them sit for a couple hours before trying them with the curtain to be sure the glue is fully dry. And then you're done!

Miss M, has had hers up for almost two years (*update they've been up for almost five years now!) and we use it daily. One came off a few months after the initial application, but a quick dab more glue and it's never come off since.

So there you go - custom curtain tie backs that take very little time and money. Plus the kids both love them!


This curtain tie-back hack is so easy - and so cute - you'll be adding them to every room with curtains! They cost less than $5 each and can be done in five minutes time.png