Name Wall Art with Cars

Now that Mr M's interests are showing themselves more I've been starting to transition his room from his pond themed nursery to reflect what he truly loves - cars. Well, anything that moves really, but especially things that move on wheels. He'll be two in a couple months and has been in love with cars since shortly after his first birthday.

The first thing I did was create some name art for his wall. I Pinterested my heart out until I found a great idea from a blog called Mason's Roost. It's ALL OVER the interwebs when you search for name art using cars. Sadly, the blog no longer seems to be there and I haven't been able to find a link to the actual instructions.

The inspiration from the defunct Mason's Roost blog

The inspiration from the defunct Mason's Roost blog

So I had to make up on my own version. I decided to scrap the shadow box concept and to use his whole name instead of just one letter. I bought basic white wooden letters from the craft store for his name.*

I painted each one with a couple coats of flat black acrylic paint and let it dry completely.

Then, the fun part. I had tried to find or make a stamp for the dotted lines on the road but couldn't find one so I bought coloured duct tape and then snipped off a piece, then snipped it in half and placed it on the letter. This was the most tedious part of the job and there were several pieces of tape that I cut incorrectly that had to be tossed. Once it was done though I LOVED how it looked against the black.

Next step was to place the cars on it. I bought a value pack of dinky cars that included some of his favourite vehicles (i.e. busses and trucks) and then spread them out so that there were three or four per letter. Pro tip: Double and triple check that they're all on the right side of the road. I had a fire truck and sports car set up for a head on collision that I had to redo.

Get some super duper glue (that dries clear preferably) and dab a little on each wheel of the car and press it on carefully. Make sure the letters are sitting somewhere that they won't need to be moved or get bumped for a couple days and let them dry REALLY well. Like a day longer than you think. The last thing you need is a not quite dry car falling off in the middle of the night once it's hung up.

Finally, I used Command picture hanging strips with velcro (no affiliation, just came across them and love how they work!) for hanging them. They go on flat which makes it easier to ensure it's level, and makes it look really clean on the wall.

I love the 3D look of it and how it really pops on his light walls.


Mr M went crazy for it and wanted to pull the cars off at first, but once I explained that they weren't "real," just decorations, surprisingly he seemed to get it. He likes looking at it and naming each vehicle.

*In the interest of privacy I just photographed the M in his name but I did the same concept for the rest of the letters in his name and it didn't add too much time (other than the duct tape lines - with a good stamp that would cut the time down significantly).


This name wall art is perfect for kids who love toy cars!.png