Stroller Boot Camp

Joleen Ogden was a personal trainer for six years and had always enjoyed helping people reach their fitness goals. After having two children herself, however, she realized that fitting exercise into the routine, as a parent, was a whole new ball game. Out of this challenge, her business, Right Foot Forward, which offers Stroller Boot Camp classes for parents in Dartmouth, Bedford and Tantallon, was born two years ago.

“I created an efficient way for busy moms and dads to be able to workout while their baby is with them,” she explains, “I modify all the exercises for all fitness levels and consider any complications that may have arose during pregnancy or delivery.”

Ogden says it’s important to make the time for physical exercise post-baby and she provides a full workout for parents while the babies snooze in the strollers or take in the show nearby. The class is set up to create a supportive environment for parents and Ogden says she closely watches the participants to make sure they are doing the exercises properly so as to minimize the risk of injury. The class combines cardio and resistance training using various pieces of equipment, including the stroller, to provide a complete workout.