Father's Day DIY BBQ Apron

Father's Day BBQ Apron. Cute homemade gift from kids!.png

Father's Day is barely a week away so, for us, that means it's time to get crafty! I'm still working out what the gift will be this year, but each year I try to come up with something that the children can help out with, but that will also be useful.

Last year I worked with the kids to make their Daddy his very own barbecue apron for Father's Day. I do most of cooking around here but he's the king of the grill so we thought we ought to get him some decent attire for the job.

This craft was super easy and our daughter still lights up with pride whenever he wears it. If he forgets to put it on, she runs to get it and bring it to him.


  • Blank apron

  • Fabric paints (make sure you get these, regular paints won't last)

  • Paintbrushes and smocks or old painting clothes

  • Painters tape (or, if you're like me, use electrical tape because I couldn't find the painter's tape!)

  • Tarp or outside space to catch any spills

We decided to write PATIO DADDIO on it (one of his nicknames by our daughter is Daddio). I prepped the apron by cutting out pieces of tape to make the letters and stuck them firmly onto the apron. 

Miss M was two and a half and Mr M was less than a year old when we did this. He didn't have much interest but she was all over it. She "smocked up" and started smearing paint over the letters. I helped smooth it out so there weren't big gobs that wouldn't dry, but otherwise let her take the lead. I tried to paint some mustard and ketchup bottles on the pockets, but clearly I'm not an artist.

Once she was satisfied that it was done we hung it in a secret spot to dry thoroughly which took a day or two.

When it was dry to the touch I carefully peeled the tape off to reveal the words. (Isn't that so satisfying? To pull the tape off a paint project?? Or is that just me?).

When they presented it to him on Father's Day he loved it and the kids loved giving it to him. I'm sure he will wear it for years to come - long after she becomes completely embarrassed by him wearing it every time he barbecues (but I bet she'll secretly still love it).