Happy Mother's Day AKA Baby's First Stitches

Happy belated Mother's Day!

My first attempt to celebrate my Mother's Day was done the Saturday before the actual day and, because irony loves me, I ended up in the ER with Miss M after a playground accident while in the midst of writing two articles about kids and play. One was about the benefits of playgrounds, including safety tips; the other about parents who are overprotecting their kids in play.

In my defence, it was really a completely unavoidable accident. Well, mostly unavoidable, except that I kind of foreshadowed it.

For Mother's Day we decided to take a trip up to Truro - just under an hour away from our home - and pick up a bicycle part my husband needed that had been special ordered to the bike shop there. We decided we would go for a family walk in their beautiful Victoria Park, then out to lunch in town. We did this the day before Mother's Day because the bike shop was closed on Sundays. See how nice I am?

Please note the hands in the pocket

Please note the hands in the pocket

We decided to walk to the waterfalls and along the way Miss M got cold. Silly me, I had only packed fleece jackets for everyone because it was MAY 9th (note the sarcastically bitter tone about Nova Scotia's endless winter here)!!! She wasn't being difficult though, it really was cold - we even had to leave the stroller partway because there was too much snow on the path!! 

We suggested she tuck her hands in her pockets and I joked, "Yeah, that's all well and good until she trips and falls on her face."

Fast forward half an hour - we've finished our walk and the kids run for the playground. I sit down on the bench to dig out a snack for them, and Miss M steps onto the first step of the structure, then the second step, and trips. Falls face first on the metal step, hands still in her pockets.

With blood gushing out of her mouth we decided we'd better zip her to the ER to get checked out. Luckily Truro's was much quicker than Halifax's usually is and we got in relatively quickly. Unluckily it was lunch time and none of us had eaten and had no food other than Goldfish with us. Miss M wasn't allowed to eat because, well, her mouth was pumping out blood at an impressive rate and they worried that they might need to use an anaesthetic to stitch her up as the cut was on the inside of her mouth.

In the end they had to do one stitch but didn't anaesthetize her. Instead it involved a full-body swaddle for her, two nurses holding her still, myself holding her head still, while the doctor put a stitch in the inside of her mouth, and she screamed for mercy. Not a scene I will soon forget; though I have to commend those doctors and nurses - they were the epitome of kindness and compassion during the whole ordeal.

A week later now her mouth is pretty much healed up and so today we hit up the True North Diner (a family favourite) for my Mother's Day lunch. It didn't turn out to be my perfectly planned Mother's Day, but I guess that's what being a Mom's all about, right? You're never really off-duty. Le sigh.