I choo choo choo-se you!

Both the kids have really been into trains lately. We live near train tracks so they regularly hear the whistle in the distance and occasionally get stopped at a crossing to wait - and watch - while the train chugs by. Their little cousin has been all about Thomas the Tank Engine for the last few months and they play together often so that seems to have had an effect on increasing the train play.

When I heard VIA Rail was having a free train ride day I immediately put it in our calendars. I hadn't been on a train in almost twenty years, and same for my husband. NEITHER of the kids have been on a real train so I knew we had to go.

The doors opened at 9:30, we were there at 9:10 and we managed to score the last tickets for the first train for our family and my brother's family. Within in a couple hours they'd given away the full day's worth of free tickets. Needless to say, the interest seemed to far surpass what they expected! In fact, as we pulled away from the station we could see a long line-up winding it's way down alongside the tracks on the other side of the fence. Amazingly, all the staff and volunteers handled the crowds with grace and smiles.

Once on the train, the safety presentation had Miss M a little nervous when she heard about breaking windows to get out, but once the train started going she forgot all about it. We did a little loop around Point Pleasant and back to the station. Long enough to get the idea, but not too long to get bored.

Once back we checked out the double decker bus, the police horse, the fire engine, and some of the model train displays, then zipped them back home in time to catch a well-deserved and needed nap.

I've heard that VIA will be offering cheap tickets for children this summer (and free for the under 2 lap occupying children) which is awesome! We may need to play a day trip to Truro. Only downside is that they only run once a day so we'd either need to camp or stay in a hotel overnight, or send one parent up with the car to bring us home.

Special summer offer:

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