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About us

Hi, I’m Heidi and I’m the writer behind this blog. My husband and I (both lifelong Haligonians) are parents to two adorable children: a seven year old daughter (Miss M) and a five year old son (Mr. M). I started this blog when they were three and one as a way to share information with other local parents about fun things to do in Halifax with babies and toddlers.

As they’ve grown, so has this blog. I still have loads of resources for the tiniest of Haligonians on here, however I’m constantly adding more information for families with kids of all ages. Our family is always on the go - doing crafts and activities around the house; running around to local - and not-so-local - playgrounds, programs, and events; and checking out all the amazing people, places, and things our community has to offer families.

I  am a professional writer and I have worked as a community reporter and columnist, including a column about locally sourced parenting called I Love Local for Family Matters magazine, another column about getting active in the great outdoors called Go Outside for the Chronicle Herald community papers, and I am a contributing writer to many other local publications and businesses including Atlantic Books Today and Our Children magazine.

I am always eager to hear about great resources and outings for families in our community that we should check out; and if you're a business that would like to collaborate with me to feature your family-focused business, event, or service, please contact me directly raisinghaligonians [at} gmail [dot] com or visit my Let's Work Together page to learn more about brands I've worked with and ways we may be able to work together. 

*And for those who have asked - a "Haligonian" is someone who lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and, for the purposes of this blog, we define Halifax as anywhere in the Halifax Regional Municipality.